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Start accepting Crypto Payments Now! Open your business to the 44 Million Crypto Currency users from all round the globe.

Quillhash Commerce helps you accept multiple crypto currencies and increase your business in just a few clicks.

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Why accept Crypto Payments?

Centralized and Governed by strict rules

The current payment systems are centralized and are governed by strict rules and regulations while the blockchain network is completely decentralized.

Costly for Customers & Merchants

The transaction fees with current payment systems is around 3-7% which is considerably high for both customers and merchants.

Difficult to add new currencies

It is quite difficult to accept new currencies for merchants which limits their access to a large number of customers.

Quillhash Commerce Features

Ready to use in no time

You can sign up and start accepting crypto payments in a few minutes from your website.

Globally Accessible

Merchants can have the access to customers from all over the globe due to the universal nature of cryptocurrencies.

Minimal Fee

With Quillhash Commerce, merchants can accept crypto payments with next to zero transaction fee.

Eliminate Intermediaries

Quillhash Commerce helps merchants eliminate intermediaries who charge an exorbitant fee per transaction.

Seamless User Interface

The seamless payment interface decreases the time and effort a customer has to

Secure and Safe

Quillhash Commerce uses high levels of encryption to make sure that the transactions are safe and secure.

All-in-one Dashboard

Merchants can easily manage their payments, refunds and checkouts using an All-in-one Dashboard.

Wallet Compatibility

Customers can pay using any wallet of their choice, including the secure Quillhash Commerce Wallet.

Invoice Management

Merchants can easily generate and manage their invoices.

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